Plant-based fat replacer

We understand that removing fat from food is not the solution to make food healthier. Fooditive knows that  fat replacers are used in food and must replace the functions provided by fat, namely flavour, texture, mouthfeel, and volume while providing fewer calories.

That's why, at Fooditive, we started by extracting fat-replacers from avocado seeds. It's not only healthy but 100% sustainable using the side streams of avocado also gives us the ability to provide health benefits and make the world a better place.


Fooditive Fat-Replacer is an innovative ingredient that replicates the performance of fat in food products, to end up with products with lower calories per gram.

It can lower the total calories of food products by up to 45% per serving. For any further recommendations, on daily usage check the EFSA journal. It can replace up to 90% of the total fat in food products. It gives food products a great flavour profile and the desired texture and functionality. It is an ingredient that supports circularity in the food industry as it is made from avocado side-streams.



Best Applications  

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