Fooditive Sweetener

Sustainability & Circular Economy

We not only support sustainability, we also support you. We want to assure you that we care about what you ingest, how Fooditive Sweetener® is better for you and why you should choose our product.

As a company that is operating in the midst of an environmentally-conscious era, we acknowledge that our corporate responsibility to positively affect society is more important than ever. With climate change and obesity on the rise, every company should be continually working towards improving both the planet and our health. At Fooditive, we have thought of several ways in which we can ensure that our company is doing the best it can to make the world a better, healthier and more sustainable place. 

“Sustainability is in our DNA; we don’t just consider it a marketing tool. It is our mission to develop food additives that contribute to a healthy body and a healthy environment.” Moayad Abushokhedim, Food Scientist and Founder of Fooditive BV

That’s why at Fooditive we take into account the three pillars of corporate sustainability (social, economic and environmental). Our goal is to comply with sustainable regulations, uphold ethical standards and to create safe workspaces for both employees and producers.

Social: Our social responsibility goal is to raise health awareness and help people eat healthier; especially because we understand that food labels can be unclear and misleading, which means that it is often difficult to combat sugar-intake.

Economic: To ensure that our company is economically sustainable, we have made sure that we are contributing to a circular economy. Last year, we became part of Rotterdam Circulair, an organisation that is committed to reusing, reducing and recycling.

Environmental: Our environmental sustainability is our unique selling point; it is what makes us stand out and differentiates us from our competitors. We have produced an all-round clean product. No chemicals. No waste. All natural.


We aim to:

  • Ensure flexible working for our employees

  • Safely manufacture our products

  • Help reduce the sugar-intake of consumers

  • Combat diet-related diseases

  • Use locally-sourced fruit and vegetables

  • Have full raw material traceability


We aim to: 

  • Pay farmers a fair price

  • Create more employment opportunities

  • Offer affordable products 

  • Contribute to a circular economy

  • Invest in Research and Development to improve product quality 


We aim to: 

  • Use fruit and vegetable leftovers or third grade produce

  • Have zero production waste

  • Reuse excess waste and turn it into soil

  • Create reusable/recyclable packaging

  • Have clean label products

  • Produce both organic and non-organic sweeteners 

  • Take responsibility for our carbon footprint  

Complete production line

100% circular economy
Apples & Pears

Sourcing all the apples and pears from trusted fruits companies who work directly with Dutch local farmers with the ability of track and trace all the fruits from it seeds till it delivery.

Factory Production

Using our patented method to be able to produce it with trusted third parties that comply with the highest standards and follow all quality control.

End Product

Having a final high quality sweetener that is ready for consumers to be used B2B or B2C.

Transfer factory waste to soil

All the rest of the waste from the factory transfered to soil to be able to use it in lands.