Plant-based Emulsifiers   

We understand the need for emulsifiers in food to give the food texture, consistency, and freshness, whether it's for bread, sauce, or even salad dressing. 

Emulsifiers are substances that have properties similar to both water and fats at the same time. This way it stops from changing to maintain it well in order to be delivered for people to enjoy. 

Our new emulsifier uses potato extracts in order to create a surface-active agent between two immiscible liquids. 


This 100% natural product allows liquids such as oil and water to blend smoothly into a stable emulsion. The benefits of our emulsifier include reduced stickiness, controlled crystallization, and guaranteed coalescence.

Synthetic emulsifiers may gradually get stored in our bodies and accumulate over the years. This could be a problem because synthetic emulsifiers are so common in the packaged and processed foods we eat.


With Fooditive natural emulsifier, however, we don’t face this problem at all. In fact, our plant-based emulsifier has several health benefits, without the risk.

Image by Caroline Attwood

Best Applications