Plant-based Fat-Replacer

We understand that removing fat from food is not the solution to make food healthier. Fooditive knows that  fat replacers are used in food and must replace the functions provided by fat, namely flavor, texture, mouthfeel, and volume while providing fewer calories

That's why, in Fooditive, we started by extracting fat-replacers from avocado seeds. It's not only healthy, but100% sustainable, using the side streams of avocado gives us the ability to provide health benefits and to make the world a better place.


It is derived from avocado seeds, so it functions exactly like fat. It lowers the total calories of food products by up to 45%  per serving and can replace up to 90% of the total fat in formulations. It can reduce calories from the replaced fat by 92% without sacrificing flavour, texture or functionality, taste, and green label

Some short-term studies have shown weight loss in adults, improvements in blood lipid levels, and blood clotting factors among those using reduced-fat products. The use of avocado as a fat replacer has been shown to lower body weight, lower systolic blood pressure, and improve blood lipids and glucose tolerance.



Best Applications