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Health Benefits

Being aware of the food supply chain from side streams to ingredients to end-product applications, Fooditive sweetener supports apples and pears side streams into a sweetener that is nutrient, informed by consumer preferences. To deliver on our promise, more products will become available to meet consumers’ demands for healthy and sustainable food.

Zero-calorie product

Fooditive sweetener® does not have any calories as the body does not metabolize it as sugar but as a fibre. This is different from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which break down when metabolized into chemicals causing them to have a calorific value.



High digestive tolerance 

Fooditive sweetener® is not linked to issues with digestion because of its high digestive tolerance.

Unlike maltitol and sorbitol, two sugar alcohols that are commonly used in many sugar substitutes, our product does not present any problems when consumed.

Diabetic safe

As our sweetener does not raise insulin or blood glucose levels, it is suitable for both Types I and Type II diabetic patients.




Due to its healthy and natural ingredients, which are simply apples, pears, yeast, and water, Fooditive sweetener does not contribute to tooth decay, as it is not processed and does not contain GMOs.

Allergen free

Fooditive sweetener® does not contain any allergens, including the top 8 FDA recognised allergen products: dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts (including coconut), soy, shellfish, and wheat.



Green label

No chemicals are added in the production of Fooditive Sweetener®. It is GMO-free because we use a fermentation process and we use natural ingredients that you know.