Administrative Assistant

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Part Time

About the Role

- Provide assistance to train staff individuals and new employees.
- Implement and screen programs as coordinated by the administration and see the projects through to fulfilment.
- Respond to inquiries for all kinds of information related to the organization.
- Provide assistance with other administrative and clerical duties which include scanning, mailing, and copying to management.
- Answering emails and forwarding emails to the right person.
- Maintain office supplies, check inventory, and request office items whenever required.
- Coordinate and schedule appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements for Managers.
- Respond to emails and answer phone calls as and when required.
- Maintain office policies and procedures.
- Supervise, organize, and maintain files and databases in a confidential manner.


- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or a similar field.

- Strong knowledge of office management procedures and systems.

- Expertise in the efficient operation of standard office equipment.

- Possessing a Positive Attitude

- Proficient with MS Office for example Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

- Working knowledge of general bookkeeping and accounting skills.

- Ability to analyse and operate workplace practices to enhance productivity.

- Strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

- Excellent time management skills.

- Strong organizational skills.

- Ability to multi-task and prioritize day to day tasks.

- Ability to work individually or in a team.

- Attention to detail.

- English and Dutch are a must.

About the Company

After more than eight years of dreaming and research to bring new innovation to the food industry, to make the world sweeter yet healthier. Fooditive ® was founded in 2018 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking company that will change the food industry.

Though we've grown since our founding, we're still the same start-up at heart. Join us to make the food industry to be healthier, more sustainable, and tasty.

At Fooditive®, we aim for excellence. Our goal is to maintain high standards in terms of quality control and food safety in order to ensure that we can provide the best possible products. We are an open-minded company and welcome feedback and suggestions from you, our consumers. Therefore, we are continuously working on ways to optimize Fooditive® ingredients through new blends and extractions to enhance the taste and flavor.

We want to improve the world, not by inventing something new but rather using what is already available. We have taken what some may consider useless and created a useful and innovative product. Through recycling fruits and vegetables side streams to develop our sweeteners, we have adopted a circular economy. This is what makes us stand out; we are sustainable.

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