We are Innovators.

We are Dreamers.

We are innovators.

We are dreamers.


We took a method that dates back as far as 7000 B.C to change the food industry and produce plant-based ingredients that you deserve.

The magic of fermentation 

Our patented process is as unique as our products because it is the world’s continuous fermentation process through the extraction of raw materials. High definition and fast process result in high impact products with a purity of 99.8% while being an efficient and scalable process to feed a growing world population.

Fooditive production factory.png

The future is here

Smart solutions are at the core of what we do at Fooditive. Our main goal is to find better ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone and everywhere. 

At Fooditive, we believe that our processes will soon become one of the biggest segments in the food industry. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication, a daring attitude, and the aim of changing the world. 

Fooditive Products