A Look Back at 2021 and What Fooditive Achieved

Our third year as a company has been incredibly productive. Fooditive has made several important hires and achieved some key milestones. The company has grown from an idea to a company with a value of 21 million euros and has been making huge strides in our growth. Founded on the belief that sustainability is more than a trend, Fooditive provides innovative ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers.

Our unique fermentation process allows us to create a world-renowned sweetener, made from side streams of apples and pears. The sweetener, the first of Fooditive’s ground-breaking products, sparked a sugar-free revolution. Fooditive has sold our sweetener for research and development purposes to discover in which applications our sweetener work best.

Fooditive’s product development is now focused on a new plant-based protein that can be used in the food industry to replace dairy in food and beverage applications. As the world’s population begins to see the value in veganism and sustainability, Fooditive’s vegan casein, a breakthrough innovation in the dairy alternative industry, is a high-quality and sustainable alternative to dairy-based casein and has been well received by the market. A valuable production partnership has helped Fooditive conduct a successful trial of the vegan casein.

In addition to its flagship product and its vegan casein, Fooditive also announced that it has taken its first steps into the consumer market by launching GoPeasy: a dairy alternative drink that is crafted from peas. Available in three mouth-watering flavours, Fooditive hopes to revolutionize the plant-based milk industry with a drink that tastes just like cow’s milk. GoPeasy delivers the full sensory experience as well as a high nutritional value, all in a ready to drink carton!

While celebrating our third anniversary in October, Fooditive launched a crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe. The company is delighted to have successfully closed the campaign, raising €270.000. Fooditive is excited to welcome each new investor to the family and work closely with them towards a common mission: Making a positive impact on the world and people’s health through innovative ingredients.

Here’s to a successful 2022!

- The Fooditive Family

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