An Interview with Fooditive's Research & Development Department

Fooditive is a company that’s been changing the way people think about food for a long time. The company was founded by a food scientist who understood that creating a department to keep searching and improving our products and our food would be key to changing the way people think about food.

Fooditive is also known for its focus on sustainability and health. The company has created a variety of products that are all-natural made from side streams. In this interview, we will learn more about Fooditive’s research and development process and some of its newest innovations.

Ben Hurenkamp, Jr. Process Engineer at Fooditive, answered some questions to introduce you to the department:

What is the role of research and development at Fooditive?

We are constantly looking for new ideas and products. We want to be able to offer our customers the best possible food product and service possible. Our R&D department makes sure we are always improving our own products and coming up with new ideas for future products.

What is R&D?

R&D stands for research and development. It's a department within Fooditive that works on creating new products, improving existing products, and maintaining the quality of our food.

What does the R&D department mean for you?

R&D is a way to fit a user's needs in a fulfilling way, fitting raw ideas and going through multiple processing aspects to a successful end product. Especially in the food industry achieving sustainable goals and making food affordable for consumers.

How does your team collaborate with other departments at Fooditive?

Our team works closely with all other departments at Fooditive, especially Marketing and Sales, who help us decide which products should be developed next and determine how we can best market them to our consumers. We also work closely with Production so that we can bring those ideas to a product that can meet demand that we are committed to.

What would be your biggest dream, if all the possibilities are reachable? My biggest dream is to achieve water waste management alongside food waste. This is because I find it very important to always go to the roots and source of where the industry begins. Tackle the complications from the ground up and I believe the possibilities will be reachable including the following hurdles in the food processing industry.

Who is your biggest inspiration in science?

The scientist called Louis Pasteur is my biggest inspiration in science as he was the person who developed the process of killing bacteria in food.

What is the quote you believe in?

“Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity, and it the torch which illuminates the world” - Louis Pasteur.

For us, R&D is very important because it helps us to give customers the best products possible. With Fooditive you don’t just buy a quality product –you also support a team that constantly innovates and comes up with new ways to assist you in meeting your daily nutritional needs.

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