How to Be More Sustainable at Work

As Fooditive is preparing to move into a bigger office, we are considering how to make our workspace sustainable to match our company values.

For our clients and partners, here are Fooditive's Top Ten Tips to make a green office!

1. Separate Your Waste

Divide your office waste into four categories: paper, plastic, glass, and organic.

2. Sustainable Travel

Bike, take public transport, or carpool to and from work. Fewer cars on the road results in fewer carbon monoxide emissions.

3. Green Decor

Decorate each desk with a small plant and each corner with a larger plant. This can improve air quality.

4. LED Lights

Make the switch from regular lightbulbs to LED lights. These are typically brighter so your office needs only a few overhead lights to illuminate the entire space.

5. Go Digital

Increase your use of digital storage in order to reduce unnecessary printing. If it's absolutely necessary to print something, make sure to print double-sided and on recycled paper.

6. Monitor the Temperature

To make sure you aren't using overusing the heaters or air conditioners, get a smart temperature control.

7. Switch Off

At the end of each day, make sure the computer monitors, lights, printers or any other electronic device is turned off.

8. Stop Single-Use

Encourage your employees or colleagues to bring their own water bottle, mug or thermos.

9. Sustainable Office Supplies

Try to source recycled pens, paper, staplers, or even furniture. Check out:, and

10. Try a Monthly Sustainability Challenge

This can be anything to encourage your employees or colleagues to implement sustainability in all aspects of their lives, from going vegetarian to cycling to work.

Let us know which tip you'll be using in your office.

- The Fooditive Family.

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