How to Have a Sustainable Festive Season

As we prepare for the holiday season, it is also very important to consider sustainability. December has become synonymous with overconsumption and this is not good for our planet.

At Fooditive, we want to promote conscious living. Here are our top ten tips on how to have a sustainable festive season.

1. Wrapping Paper

Reuse wrapping paper or use fabric to wrap your gifts. This reduces unnecessary waste.

2. Eat in Season

Using locally grown fruits and vegetables lowers your environmental impact.

3. Shop Locally

Try to buy your loved ones gifts from your local shops. Shipping from all over the world can increase carbon emissions.

4. Handmade Gifts

Not only will your loved ones appreciate the thought and effort, but you won't be participating in the overconsumption that comes with the festive season.

5. Reuse Decorations or Make Your Own

Again, you won't be supporting overconsumption. Making your own decorations can be a fun project for the family and can make your holidays have a rustic feeling.

6. Meat-Free Meal

With numerous meat alternatives on the market, it is so easy to make your Christmas meal completely plant-based.

7. Freeze Your Leftovers

Big meals typically leave a lot of leftovers. Saving it means you can use it again in a couple of days!

8. LED Lights

These types of lights use less energy. Make sure to switch the lights off at night because this saves energy.

9. Sustainable Tree

Most of the trees grown for Christmas are not responsibly sourced so your best option is to buy a plastic tree that can be used year after year.

10. Gift a Square Meter

On EarthToday, you can gift your loved ones a square meter of protected land. Go to

Have a great festive season!

- The Fooditive Family.

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