Meet the Team: Ben Hurenkamp

Ben Hurenkamp was born and raised in the Netherlands with an international background. He followed the International Baccalaureate system which sparked his passion for science. Ben is currently in his 4th year at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, studying Process and Food Technology. He has a strong interest in how industries create innovative ideas and in understanding the development of the processing steps.

Ben joined Fooditive in April 2021 as a Research and Development Intern in order to learn more about how science and business are able to work together hand in hand. One of his main reasons for joining Fooditive was a big enthusiasm to tackle sustainability. He enjoys getting in touch with different production and food companies around the world that are focusing heavily on upcycling.

One of Ben's hobbies is gaming. Any type of strategy game whether it's online or playing with his friends in real life, he'll be entertained and interested. He finds it especially fun when it comes to theory crafting and trying to predict what is going to happen in the game. Ben's wildest dream is to have total recall (in other words, photographic memory). His favourite song is "Rise" by Lost Frequencies because he really likes the upbeat track and it makes him happy to listen to it.


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