Meet the Team: David Valeros

Updated: Apr 7

David Joins the Team As Junior Chemical Engineer to Optimise Fooditive's Product Development

Born in Barcelona, Spain, David Valeros has always been passionate about science. He studied a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, a master's degree in pharmacology, and a postgraduate degree in nutrition at the Universitat Autonóma de Barcelona. He has worked in the pharmaceutical sector since completing his bachelor's degree. After working in many departments such as clinical research & development, quality assurance, and manufacturing, David moved to the Netherlands in 2021 in order to work in a pharmaceutical company as a bioprocess technician, working with bioreactors to produce AstraZerneca's Covid vaccine.

"I am proud to be part of such an enthusiastic company that is trying to change with the development of new plant-based products and the concept of healthy, sustainable food."

Joining the Fooditive Family

David joins the Fooditive Family as a Junior Chemical Engineer, designing and developing new techniques for food processing, finding solutions for food challenges related to process development, and researching and creating new ingredient developments based on Fooditive's processes. He has previous experience in food research and development in Barcelona. Fooditive offers him the chance to combine his passion for food and product development with his experience with bioreactors. David wanted to experience how it is to work in a start-up environment and to understand its dynamics and challenges in depth.

David, Outside of Work

In his spare time, David loves to travel and work out at the gym. He takes flamenco classes because of his love for flamenco culture. He is a food lover and enjoys cooking for his family and friends. David's favourite songs are Di Mi Nombre by Rosalía and Fiebre by Bad Gyal.

Welcome to the team!

- The Fooditive Family.

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