Meet The Team: Niki Karatza

Niki Karatza, who is our Product Manager, has a strong background in food. She started her education with a BSc. in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Aegean in Greece, followed by an MSc. in Food Technology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Niki has experience in both sensory science and food flavour marketing.

She joined Fooditive because she always wanted to experience how it is to work in a start-up environment and to understand the dynamics and challenges in depth. What's better than working for sustainability in food and values you believe in?

A product manager is the face behind the products. One of the main aspects of her role is to communicate with everyone interested in learning about our products and provide simple and understandable technical information for them. She also works closely with the R&D team in co-developing new projects for clients in the food industry and with the Marketing team to support them with product information.

Niki's favorite part of the job is undoubtedly the environment! No day is like the previous one. There are new challenges every day so she has the opportunity to learn a lot about the food industry. Also, there is no strict rule to stick to the responsibilities of your own role; there are plenty of projects to help with and learn by experience. The fast pace of the changing dynamics of a startup can also be challenging. Being flexible and communicating well is the key to success so that every challenge can be a fun one.

As a food lover, Niki is interested in food photography and storytelling because she enjoys learning about food and different cultures. Dancing and yoga are her active hobbies and cooking is her creative hobby. One of her favourite songs is "Peaceful Life" by Guts and Lorine Chia.


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