Meet the Team: Rohan Verma

Rohan Joins the Finance Management Team to Aid Fooditive's Financial Growth

A national of India, Rohan Verma was born and raised in the U.A.E., where he lived until moving to the Netherlands in 2019. He completed his Masters in Behavioural Economics, specialising in Finance and Organisations. Prior to this, Rohan studied Business Administration in Dubai. He has joined the Finance Management team and is currently working on the internal routine finances and on setting up a more robust financial system for Fooditive, along with the routine monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports. He is eager to tackle strategic and financial challenges leading towards the financial growth of Fooditive.

"I personally believe that Fooditive is revolutionary and is capable of making an impact. I am enthusiastic to further aid Fooditive towards a more sustainable future."

Joining Fooditive

Rohan has joined Fooditive because he was attracted to its values and its concept. After moving to the Netherlands, he learned more about sustainability and what the future should look like; something that he had a very different view about when he lived in the U.A.E. Rohan believes that this will be an incredible learning experience for himself as he can work with a very diverse and skilful team.

Rohan, Outside of Work

In his free time, Rohan really enjoys anything related to art, specifically sketching. He loves to pet-sit and volunteer. True to his financial background, Rohan's hobbies also include trading and investing. His crazy dream is to be able to teleport so he could travel all his life. Rohan's favourite songs are Astronauts - Level 11 ft. Devin Harmer and Clouds - Sleepertrain & Subsets.

Welcome to the team, Rohan!

- The Fooditive Family

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