Meet the Team: Samar Abushokhedim

Samar Abushokhedim is our Social Media Manager here at Fooditive and she studied a Bachelor of Management Information Systems at the University of Petra in Jordan. After learning data analysis, her passion for social media grew bigger with the aim of teaching and allowing people to understand social media. Being a social media manager allows Samar to mix her passion and knowledge about social media. She is responsible for monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring Fooditive's and GoPeasy's social media pages. A social media manager is often called the voice of the company and having that voice allows her to connect to everyone around the world. She is the bridge that connects the team and the followers.

There are many reasons why Samar joined Fooditive. However, one of the main reasons was her desire to work in a team that is making a change and in a company that has set such a huge benchmark in the field of food and sustainability. She was highly impressed with the Fooditive Sweetener which has become a real change for people like her. Samar's favourite part of the job is the daily challenges of pushing herself to learn quickly and working in a highly diverse team.

Her biggest challenge is being a woman with a voice that needs to be out there and shows that everyone has an x-factor to reach their dream. Samar's attitude toward adversities has transformed my life into a blessing. She has never stopped learning and works day and night to accomplish my vision. She became a successful social media manager with many clients. Giving an identity to others and handling their social media presence became her passion.

Samar's hobbies include yoga but it's always nice for her to sit back, relax, think about life, and reflect. Her favourite song is a cover by Adele, originally by Bonnie Raitt: I Can't Make You Love Me.

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