Fooditive Sweetener

Fooditive Sweetener

Fooditive Sweetener® is a 100% natural, a zero-calorie sweetener with a clean taste and functionality similar to sugar. In addition, it has the most desirable digestive endurance and does not cause any tooth corrosion. This in combination with the price competitiveness does not only make Fooditive Sweetener® the perfect sweetener for food and beverage producers, but also for the pharmaceutical industry.

Fooditive Sweetener® at this moment is in the process to get the EFSA applications of novel food.


Our Organic Sweetener has a highly controlled supply chain and is produced with organic materials only. 


Our certification is provided by SKAL Bio Controle. (SKAL # 1084)

    • Made of apples and pears
    • 100% Natural
    • Natural fruity taste
    • 0% Calories
    • Organic & Non-Organic

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