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Banana skin sweetener

A new partnership towards a sweetener world with no waste, between Fooditive and Frutco AG brings banana sweetener to the world.

By combining Fooditive's passion and Frutco AG's expertise and culture of innovation, with the capabilities of critical partners from the food industry, we have introduced products that strengthen the future of food and use the world innovation to make a big impact. 


The project and production capacity will be groundbreaking as it is the first continuous fermentation that produces sweeteners and functional ingredients. The project started in January 2021, with the plant due to open in mid-2022. The new facility will create new direct jobs and provide healthier options for the food industry

that faces many challenges.

Fooditive banana sweetener will be a new

addition to the sweetener products

that will be soon available.

100% sugar free chocolate 

As we believe in making the world a healthier place, we know that everyone loves chocolate. That's why in Fooditive we have developed sugar-free chocolate with some of the largest chocolate producers in the industry. 

Trusted Supplier 

Offering competitive solutions with plant-based ingredients to help reach, tasty, green label, and affordable end product.

Innovation Partner

We help our customers to find solutions, to turn side streams into profit, and to improve sustainability.

Process Licensing

We believe we are stronger together, working with partners under the licensing agreement for Fooditive production around the world.

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