The path to a tasty and sustainable future

Our promise is to deliver products with great taste and texture of the natural items,  but most importantly, that are produced sustainably while removing the hassle of factory farming, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics. We believe in making milk protein better for everyone. 

If you are looking for healthy and sustainable vegan casein, but don't want the dairy taste to change, then Fooditive's latest product is for you.  


The plant-based solution that you are looking for.

Since the day we started, we knew that plant-based dairy applications need protein to deliver the creamy, tasty, and melting factors that cow's milk has naturally.


We have always been a pioneer in the food industry and we offered our love for science, food, and sustainability in our new product.

Understanding the magic of milk has helped us to re-create the same formula that nature designed . We created an animal-free version of milk proteins using fermentation.


The innovation of this ingredient is based on milk formation, by copying the DNA of milk’s beta-casein.   ​​

It is based on a 100% micellar casein structure which gives the nice milk feel and taste.     

The Applications

A better milk

The result is a vegan casein product loaded with more nutrition per gram than anything else we know of comparing to other plant-based proteins. It performs exactly as you would expect a milk protein functions.

Most importantly, it's fat-free.


Meltable vegan cheese?  With the increased consumer demand to have plant -based cheese that mimics the texture of dairy cheese, our vegan casein achieves the perfect texture for various cheese applications.  

cheese at fooditive.png


 Yoghurt curd formation is based on the isoelectric precipitation of casein. Our vegan casein has been developed to meet the requirement, for smooth plant-based yoghurt applications.     

Plant-based meat

In plant–based meat applications, our vegan casein provides the proper texture and satisfies the need to keep a balanced sensory character and the proper moisture in the product.

Non-food application 

We support a plant-based revolution beyond food applications. Our vegan casein has the potential to be used in paint or glue production. It provides solubility with time and exposure and becomes water-resistant. It is suited most for inflexible surfaces, including furniture. 

Development of casein powder ​

Loads of love, science and care about our planet.   


Casein from milk ​


We work on 4 different types of casein ; β-casein, κ-casein, α-S1-casein, and α-S2-casein​ from cow milk. 


DNA incorporation​

We use incorporated DNA casein into a selected enzyme.


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